Distribution of water pumps for industrial, domestic and construction market.
Manufacture and distribution of two strokes engines and water pumps, electrical pumps and machinery for gardening and irrigation.
Smeltin of iron dedicated to the manufacture of all kinds of pieces.
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Tecnoplus: energy ... water ...

TECNOPLUS was founded in 1988 with the mission of supplying water pumps and generators for different markets in Spain and other countries (export).

TECNOPLUS has an extensive experience supported by our group MOTORES CAMPEON (founded in 1946). Across the years we have incorporated into our production the latest technical advances and offer to our customers a wide range of generators, pumps and electrical pumps that can satisfy all the needs of the productive sectors (agriculture, industrial, construction, telecom and domestic).

TECNOPLUS is the exclusive representative in Spain of the prestigious ROVATTI water pump, a leader in its industry for its ability to design and develop top quality products and great innovation.

Our aim is to give the best advice and support to our customers. To achieve this aim we have a team highly trained and professional, who after study individualized for each project, is responsible for providing solutions to any type of installation: agricultural, industrial, domestic or telecom.

C/ Galileo 2, Naves 1-2-3 P.I. Sector Autopista, 08150 - Parets del Valles (BARCELONA) · Phone (+34) 93 544 42 50 - FAX (+34) 93 544 44 22 ·